Who We Are

HostingClub is a fledged web hosting provider working successfully for last 1 year

We are ambitious Internet technicians starting from 2020. We met as colleagues and some as friends. We all are known as enthusiast Internet nerds, all in our own right/discipline and we share a common value. We highly appreciate integrity and are wary of overhead. Trough the years we acquired trust and respect of 'demanding' customers. When times changed they often expressed concerns and in compliance with the original Internet Code of Practice we decided to provide to knowledgable engineers and developers a premium workspace. HostingClub is now a fledged web-hosting provider operating successfully for last 1year. From 2020 HostingClub is providing high-end hosting, cloud servers and domains etc. Our company's strategy is to help small business and/or startups to grow in a stable and secured way; always keeping overhead low. Combined multi-level experience and concentrated up-to-date knowledge has proven it's efficiency and what separates failure from success. We appreciate with some pride, to have grown into a trusted GOTO partner for all networking questions.

Quality & Service come first In HostingClub. We provide services at the most affordable price and offer cutting edge technology. This way we build our name and reputation. We might not be the best-known but are known by the best. We thank you in advance and are looking forward to expand our partnerships, and horizon together with you.


How do we work?


Speed Boost

We have our own AI powered technology to boost your website speed.


Security Analytics

We have our own security tools to make your website more security using our security analytics.


24/7 Hour Support

To support our customers HostingClub is open 24x7 with highly experienced engineers.