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HostingClub’s FAQ’s


Have a question? Take a quick look at our FAQs. You may find the answer and it may save you time.

We provide professional and secure 24x7 running web hosting services to demanding high-end customers in governmental and human-rights sector. All of our servers are constantly being monitored, updated and upgraded to keep the highest standard. Our server uptime is 99.9%.
HostingClub considers security/privacy by default. Therefore we use combinations of firewall, DDos and intrusion detection security systems next to 24/7 expert live monitoring to protect the continuity of your website and sensitive data. Any concern/question on your behalf will be considered delicate and handled strictly confidential. Although with your permission the concerning situation might end up described in a security/privacy related forum or full-disclosure.
Yes we do. You can adjust the package at any given time. You can Up or Downgrade depending on the actual demand and maximise your profitability. If you would like a other configuration option, please contact us and we will customise your package to your specific wish.
Yes, with all our hosting plans we provide (free) SSL certificates. When a even higher encryption level certificate is desired, we provide them too.
Yes we do. With our Standard or Business plan we provide you with additional domains. In the starter plan then we don’t have add-on domains. But if you contact our sales support team we will still be able to apply.
We have been operating our web hosting from 2013-2021. Our down time has been a selected 30 minutes in last year strictly due to maintenance purposes only.
Naturally we make regular incremental and full backup's of our systems and environment. We offer secured network transmission for your own backup purposes. If you contact us we are happy to provide you with specific backup possibilities and options like secure storage.
We own our position thanks to the trust we gained. HostingClub customer’s satisfaction is our 1st priority. We offer professional customer service 24x7x365...... initial reaction should always be expected within 30 minutes after reporting; we like to have any issue resolved within 24 hours. We also offer special support package for more delicate situations.
On shared hosting there are usually 500-1000 users per server. Depending on processing speed and bandwidth because we always aim to provide premium networking, high-speed and low latency conditions.
Please call your contact person, or open a ticket in the client-area and let us know. We will do our utmost to offer support, resolve any concerning issue and reverse the situation.